Fuzzy Golden Kiwi ‘ AU Golden Dragon’


AU Golden Dragon is a female golden kiwi that requires a pollinator.

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Actinidia chinensis ‘AU Golden Dragon’

The golden kiwi is a golden fleshed kiwi with hairless skin and a sweeter taste. It should be noted that a male variety must always be planted with female selections for proper pollination and fruiting.  In general one male plant is needed for each nine females.  In this case, the male pollinator is ‘CK3’ which blooms with and overlaps the bloom period of AU Golden dragon. Kiwis are vigorous deciduous vines that require a strudy arbor or trellis in order to support the vines and fruit. Needs 800 chilling hours. Plant in full sun in well drained moist soil.  Plants are shipped in 1 gallon containers.

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