Fig ‘O’Rourke’


O’Rourke often referred to as Improved ‘Celeste is a tan fig with good flavor.

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Ficus carica ‘O’Rourke’

O’Rourke is an intoduction from the Louisiana Agricultural Center.  It is a cross ‘Celeste’ x C1 (a Capri fig from California.) The fruit is medium size, tan to brown in color with the inside flesh being tan with a little red toward the center.  It has a partially closed eye, is round at the bottom and tapers toward the stem with a long neck.  Great Flavor. Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Figs make a good container plant for for deck or patio.  Hardy in zones 8-10, This self-fruitful tree grows to 7-10 feet. Our plants are shipped in 1 gallon sized containers. 

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