Red Chokeberry


Deciduous shrub to small tree with pink flowers in spring and red fruit that ripens in late summer.l

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 Red Chokeberry Aronia arbutifolia ‘Brilliantissima’

Deciduous shrub to small tree that has it all!  Clusters of white to light pink flowers in spring provide nectar for pollinators.  The foliage is deep green and glossy so  this chokeberry looks  great even when not blooming and then come fall it puts ona great fall color show.    The red fruit that ripens in late summer is considered a powerful super fruit with more anti-oxidants than any other fruit.  Of course the common name ‘chokecherry’ comes from the sour unpalatable taste but the berries are  used in jams and jellies, wine and smoothies.     If you don’t eat them, the birds will appreciate the late season feast after frost. Full sun to part shade.  Wet to dry soil.  Can be grown as a large bush, multi-trunk small tree, or trained to a single trunk reaching 10’ or so. Hardy in zones 4-9. Plants are shipped in 1 gallon containers.



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