Peach ‘Saturn Peento’


A doughnut shaped freestone peach with white aromatic and juicy flesh.

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Prunus persica ‘Saturn Peento’

Saturn is a mediun sized self-fertile white fleshed freestone peach with a flat doughnut shape when the stone is removed.  It produces an abundant harvest and the fruit’s thin red skin has little or no fuzz so it doesn’t have to be peeled.  The fruit is aromatic and juicy with a complex flavor and it ripens in June.  Excellent for fresh eating and also canning and baking.  It is grafted on Halford rootstock and will be a 7-10 foot tree at maturity.  Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Hardy in zones 5-8.  Needs 800 hours of chilling.  Trees are 3 gallon size and are shipped bare root.

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