Blueberry ‘Austin’


A rabbiteye blueberry with large fruit and the flavor is often compared to a huckleberry.

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Vaccinium ashei ‘Austin’

This rabbiteye blueberry was introduced by the University of Georgia. It is widely adapted across the Southeast (all of Alabama) southward to north Florida. It requires 500 chill hours that is 45 degrees farenheit and below. Austin can be harvested from June 8 to July 10 ( at Petals). The plant structure is spreading, squatty and only somewhat upright with many canes per plant. The fruit is large size, medium blue, with outstanding flavor often compared to that of huckleberry and with good firmness.  Plant in full sun and in a soil that is acid with a ph of 4.0 to 5.5.  Hardy in zones 7-9.  Plants are shipped in one gallon containers.

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