Apple ‘Yates”


A small antique apple that is a good pollinator and also good for baking, applesauce and cider

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Malus domestica ‘Yates’

This antique apple originated in Fayette County, Georgia before 1844 and was often called Red Warrior in the south.  It has been used primarily for cider but has great flavor with pale red skin and darket stripes.  It is a small apple but a heavy producer that ripens in September and October and a good pollinator.  It is good for applesauce as well as baking.  Our trees are grafted on EMLA 106 rootstock and will be 10-21 feet tall at maturity.  Yates requires 900-1000 hours of chilling. Plant in full sun in well drained soil.  Hardy in zones 6-8.  Another apple variety is needed for cross pollination in order to produce fruit.  Trees are 3 gallon size and are shipped bare root.

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