Apple ‘Mutsu’


A large sweet crisp apple with a slight tangy flavor. Sterile pollen

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Malus domestica ‘Mutsu’

The Mutsu apple was introduced in 1948 and it s cross between the Golden Delicious and the Indo varieties first grown in Japan. The fruit has yellow skin, large, crispy and slightly tangy flesh. It ripens in August-September and requires 900-1000 hours of chilling.  Our trees are grafted on EMLA 106 rootstock and will be 10-21 feet tall at matuirity. The pollen of Mutsu is sterile so you cannot use it as a pollinator for your other apple trees. It does need another apple variety for cross pollination in order to produce fruit.  Plant in full sun in well drained soil, Hardy in zones 4-8. Our trees are 3 gallon size and are shipped bareroot. 

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