Kumquat ‘Miewa’


Meiwa is a sweet kumquat with round orange frut.

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 Fortunella Crassifolia ‘Kumquat Meiwa’

Meiwa is a sweet kumquat with rounded orange fruit on standard trifoliata rootstock. It reaches 8 to 10 ft when grown outside and 5 to 6 ft. when grown in a container. Plants are winter hardy to 17Fwhen dormant and fruits will freeze at 28F. Harvest begins in mid November and ripe fruits remain on the trees well. Hardy in zones 9-11.  Plants are 3 gallon size and are shipped bare root.  Sorry we cannot ship cirtus trees to Arizona, California or Florida.

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  1. Snickerjoe

    Miewa Kumquat

    I purchased a Miewa Kumquat tree a couple of years ago from Petals From the Past. The first year it produced a fairly good crop. The second year I got about six or seven pounds off this one plant. Makes great Kumquat marmalade! I do have a small greenhouse now (16’x8′) and will put all my citrus trees in it around late October. Previously, I put them in my garage under a few fluorescent lights. They did o.k. but am hoping for better results this year. Very productive plant!

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