A very ornamental small tree with deep orange fruit. The fruit is very tart and can be used as you would a lemon or a lime.

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Citrus Mitis ‘Calamondin’

Calamondin is a small tree with upright branches and very few thorns.  Often it will have flowers and fruit on it at the same time.  It is a frost tender plant but can take temperatures to 22 degrees.  The fruit is deep orange when ripe, thin skinned and very tart.  The juice can be used as you would use a lemon or lime. You can make marmalade, desserts, cakes, use it in beverages and for soups and sauces. Calamondins are very ornamental and make a good container plant for your porch or patio.  However, they must be protected during the winter in colder climates.  Height:10 feet. Plant in full sun in well drained soil. Hardy in zones 9-11.  Plants are shipped in a 1 gallon container.  Sorry we cannot ship citrus trees to California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana or Arizona. 

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