Alabama Croton


The Alabama Croton is one of the rarest shrubs of North America it is unusual, colorful and one of the most coveted of native shrubs for the landscape.

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 Alabama Croton, Croton alabamensis

Description: This rare, semi-evergreen southern shrub is found in the wild in only 4 counties in Alabama and possibly one in Tennessee.  It’s cousin C. alabamensis var. texensis is found in a similarly restricted few counties in Texas.   Because of the lack of availability, this shrub has never been fully appreciated for what it brings to our landscapes.     The rich apple-green leaves have shimmering, silvery undersides that flash like lights as the wind blows them around.  The more mature leaves turn a brilliant orange in fall and stay on the plant for much of the winter.   Pale yellow-green blooms appear in early spring. The crushed leaves smell of apples and bananas.   It is an unusual and handsome shrub and useful as a specimen or in mass plantings.  Best in part shade and moist to dry well-drained soil.  Height 5-9’.  Zone 6-8. Plants are shipped in 1 gallon containers. 

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