Pomegranate ‘Cloud’


A pomegranate with yellow to green skin with a pink to red blush and mild tasting large whitish salmon pink arils.

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Punica granatum ‘Cloud”

This pomegranate was developed at the University of California – Davis.  The fruit is medium to large size; the skin is yellow to green with a pink to red blush. The arils are large, whitish salmon pink with a mild sweet taste. Pomegranates are a deciduous shrub or small tree. Very ornamental with orange flowers in the spring. The fruit ripens in September-October.  Requires 500 hours of chilling.  Plant in full sun for the best fruit production but can take some shade. Plants are on their own roots and will be  7-10 feet tall at maturity. Hardy in zones 7-10.  Plants are shipped in 1 gallon containers. 

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