Pepperbush “Hummingbird’


Hummingbird is a shorter form of an old favorite that has beautiful spikes of white flowers in late spring to summer and colorful foliage in the fall.

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 Pepperbush ‘Hummingbird’  ‘Clethra alnifolia

Every garden needs a sweet-pepperbush.  In summer, the fragrance of the spike-like flowers is wonderful and the fall show with yellow leaves very nice as well.  Pepperbush is a deciduous shrub that is going to look best with moist to wet soil, in sun to part sun.   After established, it can tolerate a drier garden.    The cultivar Hummingbird is  shorter (3’) than the species and sports dense white flower spikes.     Butterflies & bees love them.  Good as a single species border, massed,  in mixed borders, around decks,  or as foundation plants. Plants are shipped in one gallon containers.  Zones 5-9.  

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