Jujube ‘Lang’


This jujube is a popular commerical variety with large pear shaped red/mahogany fruit. Self-fruitful.

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Zizyphus jujuba ‘Lang’

Jujubes are also known as the Chinese Date.  Lang is a popular commerical variety origianlly directly imported from China.  The large pear shaped red/mahogany fruit ripens in September.  It is good eaten fresh or can be dried.  Jujubes are a small deciduous tree about 15 to 25 feet tall wwith gray bark ad shiny green foliage that has yellow fall color. They are self-fruitful but will be more productive with another variety nearby.  They require approximately 400 to 600 hours of chilling. Drought and heat tolerant.  Hardy in zones 6-9.  Trees are 5 gallon size and are shipped bare root.

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