Growing and Using Herbs in Everyday Life


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Start: May 29, 2021
From: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Growing and Using Herbs in Everyday Life #1

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Morning Session:  The Wonder of Herbs: Growing and Using Herbs in Everyday Life                                  Time: 10:00

Growing your own herbs and making your own herbal products is very rewarding on a number of levels. Incorporating herbs into your lifestyle is easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The participant will learn how to grow a healthy and productive herb garden. You will be introduced to a number of herbs – some very common herbs and some that may be new to you. For most people, their interest in herbs begins with using them in the kitchen adding lots of flavor to recipes. But herbs offer so much more than enhancements to our culinary masterpieces.

Join Debbie Boutelier, Community Herbalist and Advanced Master Gardener as we explore the hidden benefits of using herbs in a variety of methods incorporating them into our everyday lives. Some of the herbal pathways that will be discussed are culinary herbs, herbs for tea, medicinal herbs, herbs for beauty products, herbs for cleaning products and herbs for ornamental products. We’ll also give you hints on how to preserve your herbal harvest so that you may enjoy herbs year round. (2 hours) There is no fee for this class but space is limited so please register online or call the shop at 205-646-0069.

12:00 – Lunch (optional) $12 -Advanced registration and payment required when you register to attend the morning session