Fothergilla ‘Mt. Airy’


A spectacular four season deciduous shrub with great white bottle brush flowers in spring, great foliage in summer and an eye-popping fall foliage.  

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Witch Alder, Fothergilla x intermedia ‘Mt. Airy’

Of all the native shrubs, this one is at  the top of the list for must haves in the garden.  They are truly spectacular four-season shrubs.  In early April the white bottle brush blooms appear their honey fragrance followed by blue-green felt like foliage.  The fall brings the showiest display for fothergilla and the colors can be different every year—from bright golds, to brilliant oranges, to intense reds and combinations of all depending on the weather, sunlight, rain & temperatures.    In winter, the interesting zig-zag branch habit of these upright deciduous shrubs is seen and adds to winter interest.   Mt. Airy is thought to be a cultivar that naturally arose in Dr. Michael Dirr’s garden as a cross between the two native Fothergilla’s , F. major and F. gardenia.  It grows to 5-6’ and is best sited in part sun with morning sun and afternoon light shade.  Moderate water.  Beautiful addition to shrub borders, mass plantings, specimen plants.  Butterflies, bees & insects flock to the flowers in spring.    Zone 4-9,  Plants are shipped in one gallon containers.

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