Clean, Green & Herbal; Environmentally Safe Herbal Cleaning Products


Herb Series 10:00-12:00
INSTRUCTOR –Debbie Boutelier

Each of us is called upon to be good stewards of the environment that has been provided for our use. Join us as we explore methods that will allow each of us to leave a smaller footprint on the earth. One of the ways to do that is to stop using toxic products to clean and freshen your home. Making your own cleaning products is easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly. The participant will learn how to make environmentally safe cleaning products using some basic household ingredients and herbs. Herbs offer so much more than enhancements to our culinary masterpieces. We will also discover the hidden benefits of using herbs to boost and strengthen household cleansers and fresheners for a truly “clean” home. The participant will get to sample several products and will be provided handouts with many different formulas to make at home. Class will last approximately 2 hours. Please register on line or call the retail shop to make reservations for this program. 205-646-0069. 48 Hour cancellation policy

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Start: June 26, 2021
From: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Clean, Green & Herbal; Environmentally Safe Herbal Cleaning Products #1

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