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We invite you to take a look at the workshops and educational programs we are offering.  The programs are not pre-scheduled events but will be conducted Tuesday-Friday for garden clubs and groups of 10 or more looking for activities for their club or group.  All workshops, lectures and demonstrations require advanced scheduling.  Some of the lectures are available seasonally.  For reservations or to find out more information please call the retail shop at 205-646-0069.  For a schedule of our weekend seminar programs and events please Click Here for our Calendar of Events.

Lacey Neely

Seasonal Container Gardening Workshop -Lacey Neely

Get your seasonal containers planted.  Bring your own containers or choose from our selection.

Minimum --10                Limit --15   Fee - $10 plus price for plants

Shelley"s Orchids

Repotting Orchids Workshop - Shelley Powell

Bring your orchid to repot.  Learn the best techniques of how and when to repot.

Minimum-- 10    Fee -- $10.00


Herbal Vinegars

Making Herbal Vinegars Workshop - Pat Conlee

Learn how easy it is to make and use your own signature herbal vinegars from your herb garden.

Minimum-10                     Limit -20

Fee --$10.00 for the class and materials
Class available seasonally on Thursdays and Fridays


container design

Container Design and Maintenance - Lacey Neely

Discover new design ideas and helpful tips on how to keep your containers looking good from
season to season.

Minimum --10        Fee--$15.00


Ryan's Pink Mum

Using Perennials in the Garden - Jason Powell

Learn about the toughest perennials for the South, suggestions for combining these plants in a landscape setting and care and maintenance

Minimum --10                  Fee--$15.00 includes lunch*


Using Herbs in the Garden - Jason Powell

Learn about the toughest herbs for the South.  Ideas for combining them in the garden will be discussed as well as care and maintenance.

Minimum--10                        Fee--$15.00 includes lunch*

Climbing Pinkie

Using Antique Roses in the Garden - Jason Powell

This class will discuss the different classes of antique roses available to gardeners in the South.  The discussion will include training, care and maintenance of these plants in the garden.

Minimum--10                         Fee--$15.00 includes lunch*


Small Fruits in the Home Garden - Dr. Arlie Powell

Learn the best variety selection, care and maintenance of small fruits such as blueberries, blackberries and muscadines.

Minimum--10                          Fee-$15.00 includes lunch*

Ayers Pears

Tree Fruits in the Home Garden - Dr. Arlie Powell

Learn the best variety selection, care and maintenance of tree fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, figs and oriental persimmons.

Minimum--10                         Fee--$15.00 includes lunch*

Satsuma Owari

Growing Citrus in the South - Dr. Arlie Powell

Growing citrus in the south can be tricky. This tell all class will make you an expert with your Satsuma, lemon, kumquat and calamondin trees.

Minimum--10                        Fee-$15.00 includes lunch*


Gwen Powell

Making Jams and Jellies - Gwen Powell

Become skilled at making your own jams and jellies for home use or gifts.
Program available Tuesdays or Thursdays

Minimum--10               Limit--25      Fee--$15.00 includes lunch*

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