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Monthly Garden Gossip,

May, 2018

Welcome to our garden! We're proud of our hard work and want to share the reward with you, so here is what's going on in the garden this month..Central Alabama


Ahh! The scent of roses in the garden is delightful. Keep your roses in tip top shape. Prune the spring only bloomers once they finish flowering and give them a little fertilizer. After that all you need to do is prune to keep them in shape.

Fertilize your repeat flowering roses after they finish blooming and prune to shape if needed. Fertilize them again in August for the fall flush of blooms.

Roses may be planted any time during the year so long as they receive adequate water during the summer dry spells.

Leotine Gervais Rose

Spring Blooming Leotine Gervais

Cool Season Annuals

The peony poppies, California poppies and Johnny Jump Ups have caused quite a stir at the nursery this spring. These are cool season annuals that will die when the weather starts to get hot. Many are reseeding and will return from the seed they make this year.

We sell seed for these plants. The seed should be planted in the fall between October and January. About the end of January we will also have plants. If you want to have these lovely flowers in your flower bed next year, mark your calendar to buy seed or plants.

peony poppy


Peaches, plums, cherries should be sprayed for shuck split with a fruit tree spray, a combination of captan and malathion.  This controls sucking insects, aphids and scale.  This spray also controls scab and plum curculio which causes wormy fruits and brown rot.  Chlorothalonil can be added for superior scab control.

Keep spraying your daylilies for aphids. Use Neem or Malathion. In lieu of spraying you can use a fertilizier with a systemic insectcide or one of the Bayer products that is systemic. It can be mixed up in a watering can and poured on the daylilies. It lasts up to 60 days. Spraying your daylillies with Neem will also help with the rust problem they often have.


African Blue Basil

It is now safe to plant all herbs. Plant basil, dill, parsely and all frost tender herbs. There are so many basils to choose from and each adds a little different flavor to your favorite dish. African Blue Basil is a beautiful addition to the flower garden and a favorite of the bees.

While we are on the subject of herbs, join Debbie Boutelier on May 26, for a seminar on Medicinal Herbs. For further details about this program click here.

tomato plants



Shelley has grown a wide variety of tomato plants this year. There are heirloom, slicing, paste and cherry tomato plants and many in between.

When planting your tomatoes, remove all but a few of the very top leaves and plant them deep so that they can form roots along the stem or use the trench method and lay the root and stem in a trench curving the end with the leaves up and cover the stem with soil.  Your plant will make a much larger root system making them more drought tolerant. I often put a hand full of pulverized limestone in the hole when planting, it helps to prevent blossom end rot.

We also have bulk vegetable seeds that are sold by the tablespoon for $1.00.

In the vegetable area there are plants of squash, melons, malabar spinach, peppers and many others for those of you that need just a couple of plants.

Check your squash plants for squash bugs and vine borers. The vine borers can ruin your entire crop. Row covers work well but remember to remove them when the squash flowers so the bees can pollinate the them.

Dr.Powell and his crew will be at Pepper Place again this year. Look for them about the middle of the month.
The pansies are in their glory right now and it would be a shame to replace them with summer annuals. But..when the weather turns hot they will cease to bloom so beautifully. After Mother's Day, the selection of summer annuals usually starts to dwindle. Think about buying these plants now while there are lots to choose from and keeping them watered until you feel it is time to pull up the pansies.




We should start picking our blackberries about the first week in June.  If you would like to come and pick please call the shop to make sure that we are picking that day, 205-646-0069. 

Remember the Black and Blueberry Festival is June 9, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.